Perched atop the city’s bustling main street, overlooking its liveliest corner, is a place where voices come alive and stories unfold like never before – the Podcast on Main.

What We Offer

  • Podcasts: Think of a podcast as a modern radio show. It’s an audio series where hosts discuss topics, tell stories, or interview guests. But unlike traditional radio, you can listen to a podcast anytime, anywhere, on-demand. With our top-tier equipment, your voice will sound crisper and clearer than you ever imagined.

  • Vodcasts: A ‘Vodcast’ or video podcast is just like a regular podcast but with visuals. Imagine the charm of a talk show combined with the flexibility of on-demand viewing. At our studio, our advanced PTZ cameras ensure that not only does your voice sound perfect, but you also look your best on screen.

  • Live-casting: Want to interact with your audience in real-time? Live-casting allows you to broadcast your content live, engaging viewers instantaneously. It’s like hosting your own live TV or radio show, directly from our studio.

Why Podcast on Main?

  • Prime Location: Situated in the heart of Downtown Denison’s thriving main street, our studio provides an atmosphere that’s both electric and accessible.

  • Unrivalled Tech: Using the most modern tech available, we promise a professional, seamless recording and broadcasting experience.

  • Versatility for All: Solo podcast? Panel discussion? A visually appealing vodcast? Or an interactive live session? Whatever your need, our studio is equipped to handle it.


Your Voice. Your Vision. Right Here in Denison.


Modern radio shows, but on-demand.

Pricing: $50/hr


Radio show meets TV talk show.

 Pricing: $85/hr


Broadcast in real-time.

Pricing: $100/hr

Located in the heart of Downtown Denison’s lively main street.

Why Choose Us?

Prime Location: Immerse in the city’s pulse.
Cutting-edge Tech: Seamless recording and broadcasting.
Versatility: From audio to video, we tailor to your needs.
Dive into the future of content at Downtown Denison Studio – where every story has its stage.